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Call Centre Management

Zenith Quality Services Limited provides procurement of international call centre services, support and consulting for call centre operators. Our main business objective is to procure call centre services from international call centres and to act as a primary service level manager to meet our client’s requirements on availability, agent skill levels and quality of the service.
Unique multi-sourcing and capacity-sharing techniques enable us to provide a 24/7/365 high availability, even at peak times. We can also provide these services for smaller scale operations, while also offering exceptional value for money.
Support and consulting services include quality assessment of call centre agents, team performance and the supervision of technical issues such as availability and service level control. Zenith Quality Services Limited also assists with human resource planning, identifying skilled employees and managing the recruiting process.

We also offer consulting services to help you design and implement the most effective call centre for your organization.
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Our Service:
Maximizing Your Working Capital

Cash Collection Services

Zenith Quality Services Limited additionally offer worldwide cash collection services. With our vast experience and robust technology, we support companies in managing collections effectively and efficiently to reduce overall collection costs and maximize working capital. Our cash collection services are reliable, professional and competitively priced.
We can tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients and offer solutions that are also flexible to changing market conditions.
If you have any questions about payments made to one of our clients via your credit card, please contact us on telephone number +356 277 812 06, send us a fax on +356 277 813 70 or contact us via email at creditcard@zenith.com.mt.
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Our Philosophy

Reliability, thoroughness and expertise – this is what clients can expect from Zenith Quality Services Limited. We take great pride in our professional and well trained staff that are highly focused on customer service and support.

We are committed to the highest levels of industry standard data protection and confidentiality.
Therefore, our IT infrastructure meets the latest international quality standards and is supported, monitored and developed by our own in-house IT experts.

The combination of intelligent solutions and a secure, stable and highly innovative technical infrastructure makes Zenith Quality Services Limited a reliable partner for our worldwide customers.
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